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New Documentary: “Social Animals” to be Screened at Extravaganza

Each year at Extravaganza we screen a movie. This year’s film is “Social Animals.” A daredevil photographer, an aspiring swimsuit model, and a midwest girl next door are all looking for the same things from their Instagram accounts––a little love, acceptance and, of course, fame––and they’ll do just about anything to get it. With an ...


Bunnies and Signs

In the community in which I serve, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in the past couple of years.  There are some start-up churches, of the non-denominational type, who are meeting in our community.  They are young, passionate and energetic; and they have a sense of urgency to what they are doing.  They exist to reach out ...


Things That Matter Podcast Goes Network!

The Network is excited to launch a partnership that is going to put new resources right into the palm of your hand.  The “Things That Matter” podcast has been around for several years, and is a production of the Nebraska Synod of the ELCA, along with Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministries. We discovered the podcast last ...


Creating a Custom Extravaganza Schedule

We figured out a way of creating a “custom Extravaganza schedule” pulling Network information out of our mobile app and importing only the events that you want, directly into your smartphone calendar.  It’s really quite easy.  Here’s what you do:  (Please note that the screen shots on this are from an iPhone.  I suspect the ...



I am kind of a digital tools and productivity nerd. Ok, I am totally a digital tools and productivity nerd. Because my personality type (INFP) is by nature, not one that thinks or acts in a linear way, and this is complicated by the fact that I am also an “abstract random reflective”…well, it’s a ...


Young People and Social Media

Hat tip to Walt Mueller at the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding for posting this.  Originally, it comes from http://www.rightmixmarketing.com:


Why We Should Care About What’s Going On in Pittsburgh This Week

“Hi, my name is Todd, and I’m a church nerd.”  “Hi Todd.” I admit it – full disclosure – I would be paying attention to what’s going on at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly anyway. I would be. These kinds of things fascinate me. How organizations function together and how decisions are made is at least ...