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Seeking Network Board Members


The current Board (L-R: Kinda, Tom, Sue, Regina, Jeremy, Becky, Erik, Todd and Paul)

Dear friends,

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network is seeking nominations of people who are qualified and willing to serve on the Network’s Board of Directors.

The Network’s Board is responsible for the setting the vision and goals for the Network, and works with the Executive Director to live in to that vision.  The Board meets face-to-face three times during the year, once in the fall, again just prior to the Extravaganza and then again in the Spring.

To carry out its work, the board of directors seeks members who are visionary, possess solid communication skills, are willing to support the mission of the network, employ critical and creative thinking, display personal humility, and model a servant’s heart.

The term of a board member lasts three years and could be renewed for one additional term.  This year, there are three board “seats” that are up for election.  Both Rev. Regina Goodrich and Becky Cole, who each hold one of those seats, are eligible for a second term if willing and selected.  Erik Ullestad has served two full terms and is not eligible for renewal.

Nominations for the Board this year are due September 15, 2017.  This year, the term for new board members will begin at the conclusion of Extravaganza 2018 in Houston.

More detailed information on the Board nomination process can be found here.  Both self-nominations and nominations of others are welcomed and encouraged.

The nomination form for the Board of Directors can be found here.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Tom Schwolert, Board Chairperson, or Todd Buegler, Executive Director.


Now Accepting Nominations for 2 Board of Director Positions


The Network’s Current Board of Directors at their recent meeting in Louisville

Dear friends,

The Network Board of Directors is the team tasked with creating the vision for, and stewarding the ELCA Youth Ministry Network.  The board is made up of seven individuals, who each serve a 3 year term.  The term can be renewed one time.

This year, there are two board positions are up for appointment.  Those positions are currently being served by Tom Schwolert and Sue Megrund.  Both Sue and Tom have indicated a willingness to serve again.

The Network operates a ‘gift based’ board.  In other words, the board, as it looks at its strategic plan and vision, determines what gifts are best needed on the board to serve the mission.  We then seek nominees who have those gifts.

Given the Network Board’s current work on a new strategic plan, they determined that gifts that are important for new board members would be an ability to do “vision work” and to think strategically, and experience in Network leadership.

Once someone is nominated (nominations by oneself are weighted equally with those nominated by another person) the nominating committee examines all of the nominations, and works to determine who has the gifts that best meet the needs of the Network.  Those finalists then have their references checked, and then in an online meeting, the committee makes a recommendation to the board, who either accepts or rejects the slate of nominees.

All nominees then receive a notification, and the new board members are made public, probably in mid-November.

We are hopeful for gifted candidates. If you are interested in serving on the board, or know someone who would serve well, please direct them to our Board Nomination Form.



Nominations for Network Board of Directors Open


The current Network Board

The Network is governed by a seven member Board of Directors.  (plus two non-voting members.)  The Board is responsible for setting the direction and vision of the Network, which is then carried out by a small, part-time staff and a huge, dedicated and dynamic group of almost 150 volunteer leaders.

The mission of the Network?  To strengthen and empower children, youth and family ministry leaders in service to Christ.

This year, there are 3 seats on the board that are open for nomination.

Nominations are made either by the individual themselves (self-nominated) or by someone else (3rd party nomination).  Both forms of nomination are equally valued.

The Nominating committee, made up of two board members, two regional facilitators and one at large member, receives input from the board on what its needs are to continue its work, and then it focuses on culling through the nominations and to find the best fit of gifts and need.  The Nominating committee presents its slate of names to the board at its fall meeting, and the board either accepts or rejects the slate.

This year, the board has identified three areas of need as it looks at its current board make up:

  • Diversity of the board in terms of ethnicity
  • Diversity of the board in terms of geography
  • A need for someone with expertise in the area of children’s ministry

Of course, all nominations will be gladly received and considered.  The broader the pool the committee has, the better a decision will be made.

The Network’s hope is that perhaps you, or someone you know might be a good fit for the board.  It is a great group of leaders that makes a difference in the life of the church.  If you’re interested in serving, or know someone you believe would be a good fit, please visit the nominations page on the web site for more information.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.





New Network Board Members Appointed

Sue Megrund and Tom Schwolert have been appointed to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network.  Their three year terms will begin at the conclusion of the Network’s Extravaganza, January 30-February 3, 2014.

Sue Megrund

Sue Megrund

Sue Megrund is the co-founder of Interserve Ministries, an organization based in Minneapolis that works with congregations in children, youth and ministry staff transition, and provides trained interim staff to walk them through the process.  Sue has 24 years of congregational experience and completed her M.A. from  Luther Seminary as well as NALIP Interim Ministry Training.  She has completed the training for and implemented Healthy Congregations and Bridge Builders processes.

Tom Schwolert is a 26 year veteran of congregational ministry in Minnesota and most recently in Texas.  He recently left his position at Faith Lutheran Church in Flower Mound, Texas.  Tom has his M.A. in children, youth and family ministry from Luther Seminary, and has helped to provide leadership within his synod.  In addition, Tom has done speaking, consulting and training, primarily around youth leadership and peer ministry.  He co-wrote a curriculum on “Full-Circle Relationships.

Board members serve three year terms, renewable once.   Tom and Sue will be filling seats being vacated by Yvonne Steindal, who has served two full terms, and Rev. Mike Ward, who has served one term.  Mike was recently elected to the ELCA Church Council and elected not to continue his work on the Network’s Board, though he will be working with the Network to further develop organizational partnerships.  I will give more information about Mike in this role in an upcoming blog posting.

Tom Schwolert

Tom Schwolert

The process for selecting board members begins in February every year as the board identifies the kind of gifts that are needed at a leadership level to help move grow the Network.  A nominating committee made up of 2 board members, 2 regional facilitators and 1 at large member is appointed, and they begin their work in March, when nominations are opened up.  Nominations are accepted until July 1, and are open to all.  The board meets 2-3 times in online meetings from July until the middle of September, narrowing the candidates down to the number of vacancies.  That slate of candidates is voted on by the board at it’s meeting in the middle of October.

We are excited for the gifts that Sue and Tom bring to the board, and look forward to their service!



Network Board Nominations Being Taken!

Dear Network Members,

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network is seeking nominations for individuals to serve on its Board of Directors.

The Network board is tasked with providing vision, direction and policies for the ELCA Youth Ministry Network.  It’s role is to be thinking ahead; to be wondering about the state and the future of faith formation within the ELCA and the church as a whole, and to think about how the Network may best serve as congregational CYF leaders move into that future.

The board meets face-to-face three times every year:  Typically in October, in January or February (at the Extravaganza) and again in April or May.  Attendance at these meetings is expected.  In addition, there are some online meetings that take place and a small amount of committee work.

The Network is seeking leaders who are willing to give of their time, energy, expertise and passion for ministry alongside young people.  Previous leadership experience is helpful, as is a working knowledge of the Network.

Terms on the board run 3 years.  Board members terms may be renewed for an additional 3 years.

The Nominating Committee is tasked seeking qualified candidates, presenting a slate of these candidates to the Board to fill vacancies.  The board then approves this slate, or sends it back to the Nominating Committee for additional work.

This year’s Nominating Committee is made up of Yvonne Steindal (Rapid City, SD); Julie Miller (Denver, CO); Lisa Gray (Canby, OR); Jamie Travers (Devils Lake, ND) and Manuel Retamoza (San Diego, CA).

More information on the Network Board of Directors can be found on their web page, at

Both nominations of self, as well as nominations of others are accepted. Nominations can be made at   The nomination process will close on October 15, 2012.

Please give prayer and discernment to who might serve well and please submit good, quality names into the nominating process.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Rev. Todd Buegler
Executive Director; ELCA Youth Ministry Network


Regional Facilitators – Looking for Nominations!

A Network is only as good as its communication links.  We put a lot of our time and energy into our web-based stuff.  So we’ve got an

The RF’s Meet a couple of years ago

active web site, a very active Facebook page, an e-mail newsletter, etc…etc…etc…

While these ways of linking people together are important, they can’t (and shouldn’t) replace the human component.

Welcome to the Regional Facilitators.

Each ELCA region (there are 9 of them) has a regional facilitator assigned to it.  Facilitators are elected by members of the region when they gather at the Extravaganza.

The Regional Facilitators (we like to call them RF’s for short) have a simple set of tasks:

  • Communicate to their regions, things that are going on in the life of the Network
  • Communicate back to the Network’s board and staff, what they’re hearing from their regions that we need to pay attention to
  • Help facilitate and communicate regional networking

Our RF’s work hard.  They are the ‘local expert’ in their region.  They become troubleshooters, communicators and leaders within their region.  They work to get to know the synod staff folks.  More information on our RF’s can be found on our RF home page.

The Regional Facilitators also meet twice a year (at the Extravaganza, and again in May) face to face, and have a monthly online meeting to keep in touch and keep their ministry moving.  RF’s terms run 3 years, and they can be renewed once for a total of 6 years.

Every year, there are 3 regions that are up for re-election.

This year, regions that will be electing new Regional Facilitators at the Extravaganza in Anaheim include Region 6 (currently represented by Julie Schussler Peralta);  Region 2 (currently represented by Janet Renick) and Region 8 (currently represnted by Barbara Harner.

Both Julie and Janet would be eligible for renewal for another term.  Barbara has completed 2 terms, and is not eligible to be elected again.

We are grateful to all of our RF’s.  If you are possibly interested in serving as an RF, or if you know someone who would be good, and you’d like to nominate them, please go to our online nomination form and submit the information.