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Almost There!


We’re only $295 away!

This year, the Network set a $4000 goal in fundraising from our network members and friends.  This does not include organizational or partnership gifts.  We’re talking about $4000 in donations from individuals whose ministry has been touched by the Network and who want to support its work.

With 28 days to go until the end of our fiscal year, we are only $295 short of our goal!  That’s great news!

The funds we raise is used in two ways:

  • It goes to support the general ministry and work of the Network.  Basically, that’s everything it takes to power the organization.
  • It goes to help support Extravaganza scholarships, making the event accessible even for those who cannot afford to be there on their own..

$295!  That’s all!

Would you consider making a gift and helping us to meet our goal?  You will be a part of the community that keeps the Network on its feet, focusing on renewal, education and connection to all who want and need to grow in their vocation.

Thanks for your willingness to give!

You can give by clicking here!  Or, you can donate directly through the Network mobile app.

God’s peace!




New Network Partner

We are excited to welcome and introduce a new Network partner organization! provides stewardship assistance to congregations and institutions through capital Campaigns, annual stewardship appeals, and strategic ministry visioning.  Equipping leaders to tell stories of how God is making a difference through the ministry to inspire people to grow in giving and be more involved.

Mike Ward has years of experience in both congregational and outdoor ministry, helping develop cultures of generosity.  Mike has also served for the last couple of years on the Network’s board of Directors, and has done workshops on fundraising at the Extravaganza as well as been a special guest on one of our 3rdTuesday Conversations.

We’re grateful to all of our partners for the support they provide, and for the the way they help to lift up and grow the Network and its members.  Thanks to for coming on board!