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Congregations Hosting Groups Database: We’re Starting Over!

groupsleepingchurch_newFor years, the Network has made available to Network members a database of congregations that are willing to host traveling youth groups who are on their way to a camp, mission trip, youth gathering or other experience.

We are making two significant changes in this database:

First, we are wiping that database out and starting from scratch!

There are two reasons for this:

  1. We are changing to a different database provider that is much more cost effective.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to “bulk export” the data into our new database provider.  It uses a different programming language and it’s not transferrable.
  2. Even more importantly, as we’ve looked at the data we’ve collected we’ve realized that much of the information, especially with contact info, is out of date.

The best (and simplest) solution is going to be to wipe out the database and start over, so our information is as current as possible.

Second, we are making the database available to everyone.  

At least for awhile, we want to make this tool available to anyone who needs it.  So beginning today, it will not be limited to Network members.  We think this is an important enough tool that we want everyone to have access to it.

Please go to to add your congregation’s info, if you’re willing to host.

Thanks for being a part of the Network!

Todd Buegler
Executive Director, ELCA Youth Ministry Network


Meet Rachel

There is another person that we want you to know:  Rachel Claseman.  Rachel is an individual who helps us to manage some of the

Rachel Claseman

changes, problems and glitches that occasionally pop up between our membership records and our web site access.

Rachel is a first-year medical school student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  She is originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota and with her family is a member of Lord of Life Lutheran Church.  She graduated in 2011 from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

  • When you can’t remember your log in to the web site, Rachel is the one who can help you.
  • When there is a glitch in the system and you can’t log in because you have more than one web site account, Rachel is the one who will resolve it.
  • When you’re not sure if your membership is up to date, but aren’t able to log in, Rachel is the one who tracks that information down.

Rachel is a great person to work with and is glad to either help you when you are having issues, or to point you towards someone else who can help you.

If you need to reach Rachel, you can connect with her at

Happy New Year!