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Prayer = Good…Over-Notifications? Maybe Not So Much

Mobile_Apps-3-562x309@2x-op-1The Network is a community that prays for each other.  And I suspect we can all agree that we’re in favor of prayer.

And using the “Prayer Request” feature in the Network app is a great way for us to keep in touch and to pray for each other.  After Extravaganza 2018 in Houston, there was a big jump in usage for this feature of the app.

But I’ve also received a bunch of questions about how to limit the email notifications that we receive when someone posts a prayer request…and when someone responds to a prayer request.

Yes, there is a solution!

Here it is, step by step:

IMG_B312954C5A56-1First, Open the Network app.  (If you don’t have it yet…you should get it!  You can get information on the app at and/or search for it in your Apple or Android app store.)


Second, from the main menu, click on “My Profile.”  That will take you to the page that has your personal information stored.











Third, at the top of your profile screen (above the space for your profile photo) click on the “Edit my Profile” button.  If the edit option doesn’t show up, try quitting the app and re-loading it.













Fourth, when your profile editor opens up, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you can select if you’e like to receive notifications within the app (push notifications) or by e-mail or text message…or any combination of those you would like to use.

That’s it!  It’s that simple.

So yes, let’s commit to praying for each other.  And, let’s commit to getting the notifications about those prayer requests in whatever way works best for each of us!







Loading Vans & Heading Out? Be Prepared

IMG_2368This summer, hundreds of our congregations, maybe even thousands, will load up planes, trains and automobiles and head out on summer trips.  Destinations will include Bible camps, work camps, mission trip sites, national parks, music festivals and more.  And almost all of us will remember to pack a trip first-aid kit prior to departing to deal with cuts, bruises, scrapes, bumps and the occasional more significant injuries.
But are you confident in how to use the kit?  Are you confident making a determination as to how to treat an injury?  I had a kid on a trip once with increasingly more serious abdominal pain.  We found ourselves in the position (with the consultation of the parents) of trying to decide how much pain to let her live with before we took her to an ER in the middle of the night.
The American Red Cross has developed a mobile app that will literally walk you through the initial responses to medical situations.
  • You click on “bleeding” and it tells you what to do, including a helpful video, right on your phone.
  • Someone gets a burn?  There are well laid-out instructions including a helpful video.
  • Concerned about heat stroke?  The app tells you what to do, including a (you guessed it) video.  At the bottom of each scenario are links to other related and helpful information.  Under heat stroke you can link to
    • What’s the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke?
    • What are heat cramps?
    • How do you treat heat cramps?
    • How can I immerse someone in cold water if I’m not near a tub or pool?

Every one of us who work with young people and who take them on road trips should be certified in both CPR (including infant CPR if you work with the very young) and advanced first aid.  That is just common sense.  But sometimes, in the midst of a chaotic moment when someone is sick or injured, and we’re in the midst of managing a group, our minds can go blank.  Having this information literally in the palm of our hand can be a great resource for us, and can help mitigate injury and even save lives.

The app can even give you quizzes to help keep you up to date and fresh on your skills.

A best practice?  You should have this app on your phone.  I’d even recommend having all of your volunteer leaders download the app to their phone.  Go to where you download your apps and look for “Red Cross First Aid.”

It’s a great resource.

God’s peace!


Updated Network App Released!

IMG_1638A major update to the Network’s mobile app has been released for both the Apple iOS and for Android.  The iPad version of the app will be released next week.

Click here to download the app.

In addition to making the app a little quicker and squashing some “bugs,” the new app adds several different features that we are very excited about.

  • In the events section, the app now has the capacity of “RSVPing” for the event, as well as adding it into your personal calendar with the click of a single button.
  • The Network blog will continue to be connected and feed directly into the Network app, so that you can stay updated with the latest news from the Network.
  • The app adds a directory, of those who have also createdIMG_1639 profiles within the app, so you can network with each other quickly and easily.
  • Perhaps the most remarkable addition to the app is the addition of the “Prayer Requests” page, where you can post your own prayer requests for the community to
    gather around.  This allows us to continue to support each other, wherever we are!
  • We now have the ability to post documents directly into the app!  We can post ministry tools and updates there for you to access!
  • We’ve added links to MartinsList and the Network site directly into the app menu.

Our goal is to make it even easier to network with each other!

Note:  When setting the app up for the first time, it will ask you to create a profile.  This allows you then to access and add to the prayer wall.  This is not the same as your network web site log in.  You will need to create a new username and password (though you’re welcome to use the same one as for the Network web site to keep things easy!)

Put the Network in your pocket!  Download the Network app today!



You’ll Want the App for #Ext16!

Have you downloaded the Network app?

Prior to coming to California, you’ll want to download the Network app!  On the app, you can check the up-to-date Extravaganza schedule in the “events” section.  And if there are any schedule updates or changes, we’ll also be posting those in the “blog” section.

At our worship, we’ll even use the “giving” function of the app to take offering, if you choose to.

The Network app is available in both the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App store.  You can also get to it by going to  The app is free to download and use.

You’ll want it to help you navigate the E!


Creating a Custom Extravaganza Schedule

We figured out a way of creating a “custom Extravaganza schedule” pulling Network information out of our mobile app and importing only the events that you want, directly into your smartphone calendar.  It’s really quite easy.  Here’s what you do:  (Please note that the screen shots on this are from an iPhone.  I suspect the process will look a little bit different on the Android platform.)



5 Easy Steps:

1.  Open your Network mobile app.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do so for either Android or iOS platforms by going to  Once you open the app, it will take you to the main menu.  From the main menu, you’ll want to click on “Events.”










2.  Once the “Events” section is open, you can swipe from right to left to go from day to day, and up and down to look at different events at different times.  Look through the full schedule and figure out which events you might want to put into your own personal calendar.  Click on that event.  For this demonstration, I selected General Session 1 on Friday night.







3.  Once you’ve opened the “event” that you want to save, click on the button on the right side called “Add to Calendar.  Note that if you want, you can also set a “reminder” here that will pop up from the app to remind you.  But if you want to put it in your calendar, click the “Add to Calendar” button.  The app will open your calendar program and create an event within it automatically.









4.  Once the event dialog box is open, you can do any editing that you might want to do (you can set an alarm for the event if you want) and then click “Done.”  (Again, it might be a little bit different in the Android.  I’m not familiar with that platform, so I can’t say for sure.)








5.  And, your event will look something like this within your phone app!


Hopefully this might be a helpful tool for you in your event planning!

Networked in Christ,


The App is Back! (Again)

iphone5_large_NewEarlier this week, the Network’s app went back online and fully functional!  Whew…

Some of you have tracked the saga for the last six months.   But in a nutshell:

  • The company that we worked with to develop the app, iGivings, which focuses on mobile apps for congregations, went through an organizational crisis.  In short, there was a conflict between the company’s owners and the CEO that resulted in the removal of the CEO from his position.
  • The company owners wound up shutting down the app’s systems to protect the data within the app.  While this was a difficult decision for the company (it meant no revenue for them) their choice was to protect the data within the system.  We all appreciate this decision.
  • The new owners got control of the servers and the data back in September.  However, with an almost entirely new staff, the new software developers basically had to “backwards engineer” the app completely to get everything up and running.

Earlier this week, the app went live. We’ve been working to get the data all back up to date, and are glad that we’re back to 100%.

The company will continue their work, and they are working on developing a new version of the app hopefully in the first quarter of 2014, which should be cool.

So hey, if you haven’t been on the app for awhile (can’t blame you!) get back on it now!  It’s one of the primary ways we will connect and communicate upcoming stuff.  And if you have never downloaded it…go for it!  It’s great!  You can get info on it at

Most importantly is the prayer wall!  Post your prayer requests there…click the links to indicate that you’re praying.  It’s what we do as community!

Networked in Christ,


What’s Up With Our App?

Some of you may have noticed that the Network’s mobile app is having some issues. (I know this because you’ve e-mailed me)  It’s pretty disappointing because of the time and energy that went into developing the app, and the important role it has played in our communications strategy.  So what’s the problem?

The short answer is: when your app tries to connect to the servers at our host company, the servers aren’t responding.  That’s because they’re turned off.

Here’s the longer answer:  The company we are purchasing our app service from is in the midst of a significant internal conflict and lawsuit involving the former CEO and the owner.  If you’d like more information on the details, you can read the release from the company (and even copies of the legal filings) by going to

Since the owner of the company could not guarantee the safety and security of the apps, and the data stored within the server, the decision was made to shut the servers down until the situation gets resolved.  We don’t know exactly how long that wil take.  There is a legal process in place right now and there is a hearing on May 25th.

We’ll hope that this gets resolved quickly and that the app is reactivated.  We’ll let you know as soon as that happens.  Thanks for your patience!